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Alexander "sandy" craze

Western Sydney University - Master of Research Candidate

Inorganic Chemistry: Cages & Nanoparticles

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Hey all. My name is Sandy and I had a sit down with Hamid discussing my journey into science as well as the topic of my research.

Sandy's research is focused on building nanocages to trap CO2 in order to mitigate climate change. He also schools Hamid on making metals magnetic.

brittany wilcockson

Western Sydney University - PhD Candidate

Social Science: Group Psychology & Dynamics

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I always saw my journey into research and the PhD as chaotic and accidental. After doing this podcast I realised maybe that wasn’t entirely the case. Psychology, and more broadly, science and investigative work was something I always wanted to be involved in.  At a young age I was fascinated by logic, reasoning and detective work in the Sherlock Holmes stories I read, and now I feel like it all started there.



Dr Vivian cumbo

Macquarie University - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Department of Biological Sciences: Coral Reef Studies

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After completing her Bachelors in Microbiology at UNSW, Vivian undertook a research project in the antimicrobial compounds in the scleratinian corals Montipora digitata and Monipora tortuosa. This passion for research and ecosystems led her to completing a PhD in corals and climate change. Now in her third Post-Doctoral Vivian is currently working as a Research Associate at the ARC centre in Macquarie University. Her current investigation is on the uptake of symbiodinium by larvae of broadcast spawning corals changes the larval competency dynamics, dispersal ability and settlement success.

James Lee

Charles Sturt University - PhD Candidate

Food Science: Digestibility of Starch

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A bit different from everyone else, I’m passionate about food rather than science. I use science to understand food, from molecules to pizza (YUM!) and how its digested (yuck!). I personally think everything is learnable when it’s rendered easily digestible and if I can eat it then I can study it. This results in me having a somewhat wider academic interest but they are all in the application of food science and technology.

My interests outside of my research is that of a typical eclectic modern-day gentleman "dork", full of interactive media "Video Games", animation "Cartoons/Anime", independent visual media; and reading only if it has pictures. As I’m a food scientist I also dabble quite a lot in cooking "too cheap to eat out".


chester martin vera

Western Sydney University - PhD Candidate

Analytical Chemistry: Supercritical fluid Chromatography

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Now in the last year of his PhD he recalls that when he started University in 2007 he initially wanted to be a high school science teacher. However that all changed after his first teaching experience where he decided that teaching in a high school setting would not give the fulfilment he was looking for. Struggling to find some direction he then directed his attention to research in chemistry where he experienced the joys of managing and conducting your own work.

Having worked in the Chemical Industry, Chester was able to secure candidacy for PhD along with gaining valuable academic contacts. He never thought he would ever do a PhD, however with some hard work, a bit of luck and the confidence to leap he proves that anything is possible with an open mind.

Alison Maniego

Western Sydney University - PhD Candidate

Polymer Chemistry: Anticancer Drugs

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Kevin Dizon

Western Sydney University - Master of Research Candidate

Polymer Chemistry: Block Copolymers for Water Filtration Membranes

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