#23 Harmonising Emotion and Microtones with Gareth


Gareth was initially fascinated by physics and maths. He later discovered his passion for music and consequently applied his maths and physics skills to do a PhD involving music and psychology. In this episode, we talked about the origins of western chromatic musical scale, the Pythagoras cult, what singers manipulate to have a beautiful voice, and much more. 

#6 Deciphering Language Learning with Dr Karen Mulak

As an 8 year old, there was one deeply Psycholinguistic question that fascinated Karen. That is, when people talk, do they move their mouth because other people do it? Or do they do it because it's essential to speaking? Listen to this episode to hear how she turned this spark of curiosity into a roaring flame.  Dr Karen Mulak conducts Psycholinguistics research in the baby lab at the MARCS institute.