molecular biology

4.7 Sonifying DNA with Dr Mark Temple

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How do you turn DNA into music? What can we learn from doing so? This week we chat to Mark Temple, formerly of the band "The Hummingbirds", about his work that turns DNA into sound for scientific analysis. Here's a link to Mark's paper: Paste in your sequence and try some sonification yourself

#7 Hacking Biology with Meow-Ludo Part #1

This week we talked with Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow. You probably know him as the guy who put the Opal card into his hand, yet this is probably the least interesting thing about him. In this episode we talk to Meow about Biohacking, grinding, the democratization of science, Monsanto, big organic and why Neil deGrasse Tyson needs to take his own advice. And this was just the first half of our hour and 40 minute conversation. We hope you enjoy.