5.8 Understanding Anti-Vaxxers

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Vaccine skeptics are typically vilified. People resort to mocking them and not actually engage in a conversation. In this episode we explore reasons why some people think vaccines are dangerous, and why we should engage with these people.



5.7 Combating Dementia

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As you get older, your brain slowly breaks down. But, the brain of some people break down faster. Their subjective experience deteriorates. How does this happen? And what can we do to ensure we don't fall prey to Dementia? Join us in this episode for the answers!



#37 Understanding the History of Sexuality, Health, and Disease with Dr Alison Moore

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Dr Alison Moore is a historian studying the history of sexuality, health, and disease. In this episode she talks to us about her journey into history and medical science, how marrying both has given her a better perspective of history. She also talked us about menopause and how the symptoms may be socially constructed, how sexuality and sexual perversion was linked to the evolution of civilizations, and more.