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5.5 Staggered Pathways and Youth Mobilities | Shanthi Robertson

Young people today are aspiring to have global careers and lifestyles for which they travel and live overseas. These ventures provide exciting new experiences, skills, and a break from their traditional life-path. But what actually happens in the long-term to young peoples’ professional lives, social and familial aspects, and ideas of belonging when they are ‘on the move’. In this week’s episode Dr Shanthi Robertson talks about her research on staggered migration pathways and gives us an insight into her exciting new project titled Youth Mobilities Aspirations and Pathways (YMAP).






5.2 Addressing Inequality | Dr Rebekah Grace

As a society we have a moral obligation to ensure everyone has equal opportunity. To design such a society, we need policies that address the challenges met by disadvantaged communities. Dr Rebekah Grace, from the Ingham Institute, conducts research into these challenges. Her work directly helps to improve health and education outcomes.