Molecular Biology

#31 Programming Solutions with James Ferguson

JAMES FERGOSON cover 1400p.png

James had an unconventional journey into Bioinformatics. He dropped out of university twice but managed to use his programming skills, that he had developed through his own initiative, in conjunction with his determination to eventually end up at the Garvan Institute as a Genomic Systems Analyst. In this episode we talked about Bioinformatics, what type of questions programmers can answer compared to pure biologist, the cutting edge technologies being developed at the Garvan, the education system, his world record, and more. 

#5 Unlocking the Genome with Dr Martin Smith

Dr Martin Smith works at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre. His field of research is bioinformatics; a field which combines mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering to analyse biological data. Martin talks about how he fell in love with Bioinformatics,  how he found his supervisors, and the applications of his work. This type of work is critical for the advancement of personalised medicine.