4.7 Sonifying DNA with Dr Mark Temple

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How do you turn DNA into music? What can we learn from doing so? This week we chat to Mark Temple, formerly of the band "The Hummingbirds", about his work that turns DNA into sound for scientific analysis. Here's a link to Mark's paper: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12859-017-16... Paste in your sequence and try some sonification yourself http://dnasonification.org/index.html

#31 Programming Solutions with James Ferguson

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James had an unconventional journey into Bioinformatics. He dropped out of university twice but managed to use his programming skills, that he had developed through his own initiative, in conjunction with his determination to eventually end up at the Garvan Institute as a Genomic Systems Analyst. In this episode we talked about Bioinformatics, what type of questions programmers can answer compared to pure biologist, the cutting edge technologies being developed at the Garvan, the education system, his world record, and more.