#9 Meditating on Religion with Dr Alex Norman

Alex's lecturer begins the semester with a story of how he witnessed an initiation ceremony that involved penile sub-incision. As painful as this experience was for these kids, their faces were lit up with joy and happiness. But why? The answer...? Their religion. A person's belief can change a painful experience to a pleasurable one. This intrigued Alex and fueled his fascination with Religious Studies.

#7 Hacking Biology with Meow-Ludo Part #1

This week we talked with Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow. You probably know him as the guy who put the Opal card into his hand, yet this is probably the least interesting thing about him. In this episode we talk to Meow about Biohacking, grinding, the democratization of science, Monsanto, big organic and why Neil deGrasse Tyson needs to take his own advice. And this was just the first half of our hour and 40 minute conversation. We hope you enjoy.

#6 Deciphering Language Learning with Dr Karen Mulak

As an 8 year old, there was one deeply Psycholinguistic question that fascinated Karen. That is, when people talk, do they move their mouth because other people do it? Or do they do it because it's essential to speaking? Listen to this episode to hear how she turned this spark of curiosity into a roaring flame.  Dr Karen Mulak conducts Psycholinguistics research in the baby lab at the MARCS institute. 

#5 Unlocking the Genome with Dr Martin Smith

Dr Martin Smith works at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre. His field of research is bioinformatics; a field which combines mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering to analyse biological data. Martin talks about how he fell in love with Bioinformatics,  how he found his supervisors, and the applications of his work. This type of work is critical for the advancement of personalised medicine.

#3 Exploring Corals with Dr Vivian Cumbo

After seeing Coral for the first time on a family trip, Vivian knew what she wanted to study. Dr Vivian Cumbo researched corals in her honours and PhD and now is focusing on oysters in her post-doc. In this episode she talks about her journey and how she found her way. She also discusses some of her fears and aspirations, and any advice she can pass on to us.

#1 Building NanoCages with Sandy

Look at this handsome man!

In this episode, we talk with Sandy who is a Master's of research student at WSU working with Dr Feng Li. Sandy talks about how a chemistry book given to him by his mum inspired him to become a scientist. Sandy’s research is focused on building NanoCages which trap Carbon Dioxide in hopes of mitigating the effects of climate change.  We also discuss how magnetism works, math as a language of the universe, and how good teachers can affect your life.