#22 Dr Patrice Castignolles

Dr Patrice Castignolles tells us about his early work simulating the production of polymers used for plastic bags.
What are the outcomes of postdoctoral research and how do you transition from student to supervisor?
How do we combat Trump and the rise of segregation? How should students pick their research topics?

#14 Dr Julien Brugniax

When scientist research human performance to give athletes advantages, it trickles down to the rest of us. This is just like how advancements in car technology has been driven by the need for better forming cars in races.
Dr Julien Brugniaux explains how high altitude causes physiological changes which enhance human endurance.
How can oxygen levels in the blood be altered to manage and treat different disease?

#13 Dr Chris Carignan

What's the point of studying languages? What can we gain from it? Dr Chris Carignan tells about the utility of studying languages.
How and why do languages evolve? Dr Chris Carignan tells us how.
We all have a vocal tract, but how many of us know exactly how it works? How do singers manipulate the shape of their vocal tract to create beautiful tones? Dr Chris Carignan talks to us about how amazing the vocal tract is, and why we need a better understanding of it.