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Hamid sediqi


As a young boy I was very curious about how the world worked, and this curiosity is what ultimately led me to science. I think the more we learn about the universe and how it works, the more amazing and wonderful it becomes. Although my research interests fall into the category of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I have an insatiable desire to learn as much as I can, about as many different things as I can. Because of this, I’ve been able to indulge in many different areas which interest me, such as psychology, philosophy, programming, Chinese, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ), etc. Sometimes I feel as though I have too many interests, but ultimately in the long run I feel having diverse interests is going to help me develop a more well-rounded character. My aspirations for the next 3 years are to finish my PhD, became fluent in Chinese, earn my black belt in BJJ, and of course establish BLabCoats as a useful resource for students. My hope is that BLabCoats will serve to help students make better informed decisions about their careers, help to facilitate collaborations in the research community, and to show the general public the human side of science and scientists.


Alex Wray


Ever since I was a young child I remember having a passion for finding out how things worked. This typically manifested itself into dissecting things from animal products to electronic items, or the occasional dabble with bucket chemistry. At a young age I also developed an interest in music. I believe the link between art and science is a strong one. Both use experimentation, mimicry and observation to fulfill the human condition. Art an example of human expression and science an expression of the inquiring mind. I am an eager science communicator because I think the world is better with a scientifically literate and enthused culture. Not only does science bring us valuable technology that we should understand, but a healthy relationship with scientific knowledge enriches our appreciation of the world we live in.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
— Helen Keller
Michael Horgan_author.png

michael "bob" horgan

Website Admin/Art/BLog Coats Editor

Master of Research in Advanced Nano-materials at Western Sydney University.

Like Hamid and Alex I too share a passion for science, research, knowledge and art. I have worked in the translation of scientific investigation and knowledge in academia and spoken of my research on the international stage; however, I've seen young graduates still find it difficult to apply themselves and their research to larger community, so seeing Hamid and Alex wanting to provide a resource to better the development of our young scientists and knowledge creators is an inspired idea. And here I am helping to make that vision a reality.

Project: Investigating the architectures of DHBCs and developing 'Smart' polymers for drug delivery and future nano-technologies.

Kash Bhullar

Senior Staff Writer/Co-Editor

PhD in Synthesis and Characterization of Industry Mining Materials at Western Sydney University

After completing his BSc in Chemistry at Western Sydney University. Kash undertook as a BSc Honours research project, the characterization of konjac glucomannan a dietary fiber. While presenting his Honours work at a RACI workshop, Kash met his future Master's supervisor and enlisted on board for ARC discovery project templating radical polymerization in nanoreactors. After finishing the Master's project, Kash is currently undertaking a industry PhD project the characterization and synthesis of materials for the mining industry.

At BLab Coats Kash is our Senior Writer and Editorial Manager for all our articles, blogs, science news and more.

Tae McKnight_icon.png

Trelawny McKnight

Social Media Manager

Seasonal Academic Lecturer and Tutor at Western Sydney University

PhD in Behavioural Management

Growing up, I was surrounded by Doctors and Professors in science and neuropsychology. It’s no surprise I developed an insatiable desire for knowledge, not only that, but I need to know how things work, not just instruction booklet how, but the fundamental make up why and how we can make it better. Science has become a driving force to provide that answer for me. Whether it be our genetic makeup or 3d printing. Unlike the rest of the team, I didn’t follow the hard science path but did my UG in Psychology and PG in Health Science. Through these degrees, I fell in love with the idea of human behaviour.

This has led me to a PhD and associated research area that is genuinely interdisciplinary, one that is looking at how we can connect the knowledge-based approach of the university, with one that incorporates skills for a shifting economy in the 21st century. One of my drivers is to ensure the university develops a curriculum that teaches students of all levels the ability to ask a question and apply the answers to any given situation.


James Lee

Senior Staff Writer/Co-Editor

PhD in Food Science: A Nutritional Analysis of Rice starch



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